Zac Brown & The Pandemic

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Zac Brown Band’s Sounds of Optimism During the Pandemic

You can say that quarantine has been a struggle for many. But for artists, it has become an avenue to channel their creativity. And since the pandemic removed the distractions that stopped artists from making new music, we’ve seen the release of some great albums in the last few months.

Zac Brown Band recently released the second digital single for the year that served as a follow up to “The Man Who Loves You The Most”. The country song “You and Islands” was released early since Zac Brown Band had to cancel their tour dates for the year. If you are familiar with the band, the intro reminds listeners of the hit “Toes”.

With three Grammy awards under their belt including the Best Country Album, many are excited where 2020 is going to take the Zac Brown Band even if they can’t tour. Last year, the country and was able to make more than $38 million. With over 50 shows, it was estimated that they made approximately $1 million per stop.

Zac Brown Band was busy last year. Apart from the tours that benefitted veterans and dubbed as the “4th with the Family”, they released their album Owl last year.

Edgy Country Band

Zac Brown Band made a reputation that they are more than happy to experiment with different sounds. They were able to collaborate with DJs and may have alienated some purist country fans in the process. Though the sound of “modern country” may have different reactions from their fan base, the band never hesitated in blurring genres with their work.

The Owl was filled with experimental pop songs but it did land well especially if the band’s goal is to introduce themselves to a larger crowd outside their country fan base.

This strategy isn’t anything new. Taylor Swift originally became popular for her country roots only to switch things up towards a more pop genre.

Collaboration with Skrillex

The Owl was a collaboration with different artists including the EDM star Skrillex along with producer Benny Blanco, the one responsible for Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran albums.

What to expect this 2020

Will country music fans appreciate the next music that will come from the band this year? In reality, there is a chance that they might be going back to their country roots revisiting some of their old albums. With the pressure of touring removed from an artist, it allows them to revert to what they know. And for Zac Brown Band, they may be done pushing the boundary of their fanbase.

The recent sounds produced by Zac Brown Band are said to allow listeners to go back to a time of optimism, something that is quite needed today. Though no one knows what they’d be able to come up with especially now. Did the pandemic inspire them to write more country and dump pop and EDM?

The songs were somewhat reminiscent of what they used to do. Their trademark harmonies are part of the last two songs that they’ve produced. Could we expect the same direction for the next songs that might turn into a full album before everything goes back to normal?

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