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A Look Back At Green Day’s Warning

I was around 12 years old when Green Day released Warning. And prior to Warning, I had the chance to listen to their past albums including Dookie, Insomniac, and Nimrod. Those were the three albums that made Green Day the successful band that they are even today.

Dookie, 26 years ago, started what will then be called “pop-punk”. Though there were punk music fans who considered Dookie a good thing since the genre was somewhat overshadowed by grunge music during that time, there is no denying that opinions are divided regarding Green Day’s music. Some loved the album while others feel that it made punk too mainstream and far from its roots as an underground genre for misfits.  

After three more albums, Green Day in 2000 released Warning. When I was 12 years old, I noticed how the band changed. Apart from punk tracks that are appropriate in mosh pits, you have songs such as Macy’s Day Parade. It’s a formula that the band used especially after Time of Your Life became a hit on Nimrod.

Is Warning a Good or a Bad Album?

If you’d ask the 12-year old me, I’d say that I have mixed feelings with Warning. It’s different from the previous albums mixing folk with a bit of punk and some melodrama in between. But after 20 years, I’d have to change my opinion about this album.

What makes this album great? Songwriting has improved compared to their Dookie and Insomniac days. In the first and second albums, many songs were simply about sex, drugs, and the typical topics that you expect from someone who is into rock and roll. But looking at Green Day’s photos in the 2000s, you’d notice that they are slowly changing and maturing as human beings, thus you can’t expect them to still sound the same.

As a punk album, it’s not a good one. But for someone who doesn’t have a bias to punk rock, it isn’t surprising if you will like the album.

They’d even evolve further once they finished the American Idiot. To be honest, that was the last Green Day that I bought. Perhaps, I’ve already outgrown them. I never get to like the new music that they produced after that.

Green Day Paved the Way for More Punk Bands

Green Day was able to bring bands like Blink 182 and New Found Glory closer to mainstream music listeners. They’ve introduced punk rock to more people. And though the old and gritty punk rockers may have a different opinion, Green Day proved that punk tracks can also dominate the charts.

Warning is a brave album from the trio. They’ve embraced changed without totally forgetting about their punk roots. But the only difference is that it’s easier to digest for the casual rock fans who don’t exactly listen to punk music.

Musicians are indeed people and people change over time. The same can be said about Green Day. Their 2000 album is a testament to the power of father time to change a human being from once a hardcore punk to someone who is more matured and mellow.

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