UK receives coffee to its door

UK sandwich and coffee chain Pret-A-Manager in a national icon and saving grace for the tired and busy office worker. Renowned for its healthy and reasonably affordable range of deli products, Pret-A-Manger is a high street and travel station staple for those hungering for breakfast or lunch. The recent onset of global pandemic COVID-19 however, has meant that the chain has been hit hard economically by the massive downturn in office worker customers as the nation continues to work from home. In answer to these financial insecurities Pret has set about reimagining itself and adapting for life as we know it now. With unemployment numbers around the world rising, and in Britain especially where the coronavirus has been incredibly widespread, Pret has taken the opportunity to launch a low-cost and to your door delivery service for its well-respected coffee. The plan offers users their choice of frappuccinos, hot chocolates, teas, and coffees, up to five times a day, all for only £20 a month (and the first month free). Don’t get too excited however – the store has implemented a one drink at a time ordering policy, with a thirty-minute wait in addition between drinks. 

The seemingly desperate move from the company comes following some devastating announcements it made recently concerning job losses and sale profits. In late August 2020 the company announced it would cut roughly a third of its jobs at its UK stores. This came after it saw a 74% reduction in sales profits than in the same period, between March and June, this year than in 2019. In a statement, Pret said it thinks this is the first of its kind to be initiated nationwide in the UK, although admitted there were some similar subscription services on offer in the USA. Whether people will be willing to sign-up to smell the coffee remains to be seen.

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