Top foodie podcasts to follow in 2021

For those of us with a passion for food the pleasure doesn’t stop at eating. Whether its Netflix series like Salt Fat Acid Heat or movies with ongoing dominance in our shared cultural sphere like Ratatouille, the topic of food is always popular. Whilst our food media consumption used to be limited to dramatic evening celebrity chefs, friendly day time cooking competitions or morning programming with various celebrities trying new dishes all on the television, the world of podcasts has opened up a whole new stream of broadcasting for the food world. 

So prepare yourself a treat for the ears with these top foodie podcast recommendations. Here we go! 

  1. Off Menu

The Off Menu podcast comes from two British comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster, who interview different celebrities about their dream menu. The award winning podcast takes many divergent and hilarious turns as the hosts and guests discuss the myriad of dreamy dishes they would like to share in delight. 

  1. Doughboys

Not taking themselves too seriously is what podcasters Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger are all about in their ongoing series Doughboys. First broadcasting in 2015, Mitchell and Wiger have spent the last five year reviewing a range of chain and fast food restaurants for us. 

  1. Savor

Savour is a different type of food podcast, a thoughtful and informative one. Released twice a week, Savor is a high frequency podcast from foodie hosts Anney Reese and Lauren Vogelbaum who interview people on how they live through what they eat and why. 

  1. Gastropod

Taking a scientific approach to food is what makes the Gastropod podcast different to all the rest. Having been released weekly since 2014, the archive of Gastropod is full of wonderful episodes on the history and science behind a new food topic each time to fill up on.

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