Top fashion brands to follow on Instagram

Fashionistas and common people everywhere look to the top brands in fashion for what to wear next. For a long time luxury brands wanted to maintain an elite appearance, with lengthy waiting lists and hard to get appointments. Now however, luxury brands have recognised the importance of social media in order to stay relevant and part of the growing fashion conversation surrounding contemporary consumer choices. The high fashion brands realised that if they wanted to continue to spawn a thousand copy cats and keep people lusting after the real thing, then they too had to feature heavily as objects of desire in the public’s eye. 

With the birth of Instagram as a dedicated platform for image sharing, the aesthetics of social media began to emerge. Unlike before when big brands contented with limited media opportunities, now the wealth of places to broadcast to the greater public seems endless. Instagram however continues to reign supreme as one of the most popular social media apps and fashion brands as a result also continue to reside there. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the best in big brand fashion Instagrams for you to follow this instance. 

  1. (Yves) St. Laurent
    8.9 million followers

Although they’ve now dropped the Yves, Saint Laurent remains as an iconic fashion brand. Their instagram account is no exception with a curated grid that intrigues viewers as a whole, as well as in individual posts. 

  1. Chanel

44.6 million followers

The Chanel Instagram has more than just the fashion from the brand. Fully launched as a lifestyle brand with perfumes, furniture and more all available. Chanel’s Instagram speaks to the brand’s desire to be considered a timeless style, rather than simply a look in fashion. 

  1. Versace
    23.8 million followers 

Versace seamlessly integrates its unique aesthetic into the Instagram grid for endlessly pleasing delights. 

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