Aching for an americano? Crazy for cappuccinos? Or would you go flat out for a flat white? For many of us a daily coffee fix is a much needed and exciting part of day, but whether you’re drinking coffee for pleasure or just to ease the pain, we bring you our top three coffee Instagrams to follow. All about the aesthetic and love scrolling? What better way to up your coffee intake without the additional caffeine by taking a look at our suggestions. Get ready for frothy-ness, fairlights and filters galore as we dive into the best coffee fuelled and fabulous instagram accounts you can follow right now in 2020. 


With over 300k followers on Instagram, Coffee Station Latte Art is exactly what it says on the handle with plenty of pictures and videos of lucious perfect lattes. Gorgeous, creamy and luxurious, these milky masterpieces get our juices flowing every time showing you the perfect pour. 


Taking a slightly different approach, Coffee Cups of the World is a crowd-sourced Instagram account curated by photographer Henry Hargreaves. The account’s submission guidelines are simple: ‘shoot straight on, plain background’, making it a fun and easy way to get interested in coffee – even if your submission isn’t accepted! 


Based in Kyoto, Japan, Junichi Yamaguchi is putting an Asian spin on an Italian classic and is one of our favourite people on Instagram making latte art ‘a thing’. In fact, Yamaguchi is proudly the 1st Champion of Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship in 2014 according to his Instagram bio – and we can see why! His feed is filled with beautiful shots of coffee submerged in exquisite minimal lifestyle vibes. Perfect for anyone looking for some wholesome escapism to spice up their instagram algorithm. 

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