Rock found that looks exactly like the Cookie Monster

Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster has been a long standing icon for the show, with hundreds of different Cookie Monster merchandise produced over the years and worldwide recognition for the brand accrued. The icon’s latest appearance however, has come in the form of a rock! The all natural formation of a Brazillian crystal is the spitting image of Sesame Street’s fluffy, blue hero and has taken the internet by storm. 

The rock bearing the shaggy teddy’s uncanny resemblance was first found in the Rio Grande dol sul region near Soledade in Brazil. The small egg shaped volcanic rock fits into the palm of a hand, and when split in two resembles two perfect faces of the Cookie Monster. The stone is a formation of deep blue quartz crystals, where two smaller formations have emerged looking like the monster’s eyes, and the hole found in the middle of the stone is shaped like the upturned smile of the monster’s mouth. 

The stone was first found in Brazil in November 2020 by Lucas Fassari, before making its way into the possession of American geologist Mike Bowers. Bowers posted a video online via the social media platform Facebook, where he showed the relatively small rock whole before revealing it splitting into two halves. Bowers has commented on his surprise at finding the rock and suggests there is no better incarnation of the Cookie Monster out there in the world. The video was posted with a Cookie Monster song soundtrack for the letter C. 

Bowers seems overwhelmingly pleased with his find and although there’s no current indication he plans to sell the rock, he reports being contacted with offers over $10,000 United States Dollars. With such perfection in his hands, the question of whether Bowers will be tempted to take the money and run looms in the air for Sesame Street fans.

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