Mysterious appearance of Aphex Twin posters and billboards

The mysterious appearance of posters and billboards around the world in early October 2020, suggests worldwide popular techno and ambient music producer Aphex Twin. The Aphex Twin logo appears large and looming, but with little other information in sight on outdoor advertising in the cities of Los Angeles, USA, Berlin, Germany, and London and Bristol, UK. Richard David James was born in August 1971, in Limerick in Ireland. He took his stage name Aphex Twin in the early 1990s when he became famous for the electronic techno and ambient beats he had begun producing. The Aphew Twin logo, a clear A made by two fingers spread, their fingertips seemingly spinning a record, is now iconic amongst his techno music scene fans.

The discovery of these new billboards and marketing posters suggest the Irish born, now well-renowned worldwide, musician is up to something. The flashy coordinated appeal of the stunt is a high-end record label show gimmick that alludes to a new project coming down the pipeline. With a recently lacking discography, his last release being the ‘Syro’ album from 2014, its been a long time coming for the ageing produce – six years of waiting for fans in fact.

One theory is the project is to advertise an upcoming collaboration with Novation, an electronic music equipment manufacturer. On October 7th, 2020 the company released a series of images via its Instagram, showing the artwork across the globe in the various cities, and promoted alongside the hashtag: #WeAreNovation. Rumours have speculated online that the project will mean a new release of hardware, in connection with Aphex Twin, by Novation. The move comes in a distinctly Aphex Twin style; the musician has been known previously for similar large-scale marketing events. In 2014, the producer hired a blimp to fly over East London in the United Kingdom to celebrate the release of his last album ‘Syro’.

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