Masked Antifa ruffians attack original Starbucks in Seattle

The original Starbucks, one of Seattle’s most hallowed landmarks, was smashed and vandalized by Antifa droogies Wednesday evening during a violent anti-Biden demonstration. Joe Biden was sworn in as president earlier that day, and Antifa wasted no time in making their displeasure well known.

The demonstrations were most conspicuous in Seattle and Portland, where gaggles of masked rioters marched up and down the streets with the determination of an an interstate courier, shouting some not-so-kindly things about the new American president—and the old one, too.

“Fuck Trump, fuck Biden too, they don’t give a fuck about you,” was a chant heard in downtown Seattle. The masked marauders also demanded that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) be abolished, and set an American flag ablaze outside an ICE office.

They went on to cut a swath of destruction through Pike Place Market, which is where the original Starbucks is located. In footage shot from a chopper, the black-clad bandits could be seen taking their anger out on surrounding buildings. They used umbrellas to break the windows of the Starbucks. One, a 33-year-old man, was arrested and charged with burglary and theft though it is not clear what he is alleged to have stolen—perhaps a few bags of blonde roast or one of those snazzy new Impossible Meat sandwiches.

The Seattle Times reports that around 100 people took part in the protests, which began in the early evening and continued into the night, though with dwindling numbers. The paper heard from several of the rioters, who gave similar reasons for hating Joe Biden with such vehemence.

“Calling for unity with people who actively want to harm people is disgusting,” one protester said, referencing Biden’s rhetoric about uniting a polarized America.

Another said, “I don’t think immigration should be enforced violently,” adding they don’t think Biden will “meaningfully change” the country’s immigration policies, which aren’t very different from any other country’s.

Needless to say, the local community was not very impressed by Antifa’s shenanigans.

“It’s rough to see, we love our neighborhood,” resident Angeliqu Harbin told KOMO News. “And this [the Pike Place Starbucks] is a place people come—it’s a great destination. It just makes me sad to see the window looking like that.”

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