How Blue Is My Bottle!

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Does Blue Bottle Live Up To Its Hype?

I’ve had my share of good and bad coffee from different coffee shops. But generally, I like coffee whether it’s from your kitchen or Starbucks. But one thing that got my attention was Blue Bottle. Blue Bottle started in California. The majority of the company now is owned by Nestle. And it has been getting the attention of coffee connoisseurs all over the world.

The first time I heard about Blue Bottle was during a trip to Tokyo. I’d admit that I’m a bit too late for the party because this was 2017. Nonetheless, I tried it in Roppongi. Compared to Starbucks, there were just a few people buying their coffee from the café.

Compared to the coffee that you buy from Starbucks, it’s a bit more expensive. Get a cup of Americano and Granola and you spend close to $20.

When I posted my cup of coffee on Instagram, many asked me if it was worth it?

A different way to make coffee

Before I give my verdict, let’s take a closer look at how “Third Wave” coffee works. Perhaps you have a friend who doesn’t buy ground coffee because he or she wants freshness. According to Blue Bottle, there’s a small window wherein you get to have the best flavor for the coffee. And the moment you get your coffee to your table, that’s when the peak flavor starts.

That makes it more expensive given the amount of effort that you need to do to be able to consistently deliver fresh coffee to your coffee connoisseurs. And it seemed that it was gaining traction. From a single coffee cart, it grew to become a $700 million company after Nestle’s capital.

James Freeman, the company’s founder, has been obsessed on how to make the freshest cup of coffee. He used to roast beans at 500°F to make sure that it maintains the flavor that is expected from the beans. 

Now that it’s an upscale business and is more than just an obsession from someone who loves coffee, it’s a good idea to judge whether or not it’s worth it. 

Good but Not Mind-Blowing

Coming from someone who loves coffee but not obsessed with all its nuances, I find the coffee to be good but it’s not exactly mind-blowing that you will make me dump my coffee maker at home. It isn’t enough to make me change my mind about Starbucks and other cafes either. 

It’s something that I’d love to visit every once in a while. They also have fewer selections compared to the other coffee shops that I’ve visited.

I’ve also read somewhere that Blue Bottle wasn’t how it used to be. They went downhill a few years after it became a multi-million enterprise. Perhaps, I’d have a different opinion on this matter if I was able to take a sip before everything became a hipster trend on Instagram. 

But should you try it? Definitely. Anyone who loves coffee should get to experience Blue Bottle once in their life. 

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