Now with January finally and fully over, the regiment of the new year diet can recede into the memory of yesteryear and one’s sweet tooth can now remerge slowly but surely. Fried desserts are just one way to satisfy your sweet cravings through the slow descent into the candy and chocolate extravaganza that takes over from Halloween to Christmas. With that in mind we take a look at some of the weirder and more wonderful foods people have fried in the name of fine cuisine – after all, doesn’t everything taste better in batter?

  1. Churros 

The churros is a humble desert of fried dough originating from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. Its long and ridged shape is produced during the squeezing process once the dough is formed and perfect for catching the excessive amounts of sugar it is covered in before being lavishly dipped in a chocolate sauce of your choice. Whilst classified as a desert, the tasty dough is classified on its Wikipedia page as being perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner making it one of our ultimate snacks! Spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon can add flavour all year round or make for a festive and seasonal touch. 

  1. Deep fried Mars Bar

Maybe more a legend to most of us than one we are likely to see on a menu, the deep fried Mars Bar first originated in Scotland, UK. Often found in the local chippy alongside more traditionally fried fish choices, the deep fried mars bar can be upgraded with a lush beer batter for those looking for a more luxury option. Unable to find one near you? No fear, Australia’s Best Recipes are here to help you make your own version at home with the suggestion of adding a side of vanilla ice cream to round out and enrich the experience. 

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