Imagine finding a corner in Europe, reminiscent of New York. That’s exactly the feeling when one stumbles upon New York Cafe in Budapest. Discovering a shade of modernity juxtaposed against a culturally rich and sombre destination such as Budapest, is a rare find indeed.

The gorgeous interiors bear a striking resemblance to Sistine Chapel It has been called the most beautiful cafe in the world and is definitely worth a visit once, just for the snaps and the experience. The menu boasts of piquant Hungarian desserts, 16 to be precise.

Currently, it’s more of a tourist destination than a cafe. People simply flock it because of its grand interiors and magnificent settings. The cafe now includes The New York Statue of Liberty in its frescoes. With live music and a great ambience, the New York cafe is indeed a destination that could easily be a bucket list topper.

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