Why now is the best time for a spring clean

As the world opens up again slowly but surely, and we emerge in this ‘new normal’ we’re creating, many of our minds turn to our wardrobes and what exactly to wear in this new world. For many, end of lockdown restrictions will mean the first time in many many months that we’re able to grace the world with our in real life (irl) presence again. Whilst they might not all be ‘first’ impressions of the traditional kind, we will all be making our ‘first’ impressions again as we enter into this new world order. 

So what better time than to give your wardrobe the biggest spring clean it’s seen yet and make way for the new world with a new wardrobe? This can be the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself or at least a good chance to update your look. Don’t miss this opportunity to do some research on the upcoming fashion trends for this fall though. Use a range of sources such as social media and fashion magazines as well as blogs and even people watching on the street to get a sense for what you might like in the shops this upcoming year. 

It is unwise to start a large or moment marking shopping spree or to buy new big ticket more pricey staple items without a little research first. If you’re thinking of buying a new summer swimsuit or getting ready to purchase a fresh winter coat, then put some time into exploring your options before you buy. 2020 will forever go down in the history books for being one of the worst years we have all collectively suffered through, but there is no need to lump 2021 in on the bad books. Bring forth positivity into your life by envisioning a brighter future – and what better place to start realising these actualizations than your own personal style?

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