Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall

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Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall: Why It Matters Even Today

By 1980, Pink Floyd already reached rock stardom. The band was able to reach its success especially after the Pink Floyd’s four albums in the 1970s. It solidified the band’s spot along with names such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and many other bands of that era.

Though bands like Led Zeppelin and The Eagles were already on the tail end of their career entering the 1980s, Pink Floyd was still at its peak with its Wall Tour that offered something different for fans. However, one thing that was missing for the band was a radio hit.

 Another Brick in the Wall may have reached 40 years old but this anthem remains relevant today. More than 40 years ago, Another Brick in The Wall, Part 2 was able to take out Crazy Thing Called Love by Queen out of the number one spot in the Hot 100, which was a big deal back then.

Critique of the Educational System

The song was an inspiration from Roger Waters childhood who experienced frustration in the British Educational System. Waters believed that the educational system was designed to subjugate young individuals. Rather than an avenue to learn and to hone their interest in learning, the educational system was designed as a cookie-cutter approach to producing individuals who fit in society.

The song was iconic as Nick Griffith, who was the sound engineer for the song, brought 25 kids to sing the chorus. The kids were from not-so affluent parts of London which even made the chorus powerful.

The song reached success as it was even featured in the 1982 movie The Wall. On top of that, it has become an anthem among teens who relate to what Roger Waters was saying.

The Peak of Pink Floyd

 Just like any other band before them, everything must come to an end. Pink Floyd never had another song that had the same impact and success as Another Brick in the Wall. But it doesn’t matter anymore given the significance of the song and how it managed to become relatable after all these years to teenagers who entered school. The song showed the reality that the school system was developed to turn rebellious kids into conforming adults.

Rage Against the Machine years after will also have the same tone against the educational system. Know Your Enemy carries the same angst and disapproval over the educational system.

Pink Floyd is a highly influential band that was able to bring psychedelic rock tunes during the 70s. Among artists that have been influenced by Pink Floyd include U2, Radiohead, Tool, and even the Nine Inch Nail.

More than 40 years after the release of Another Brick in the Wall, it remains a masterpiece that angry teens and disgruntled individuals in their 20s can relate to. And more than ever, our society needs a change. Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 might be the last hit from the 70s band, but it’s something that will be immortalized in every rock and roll aficionado’s ears.

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