Greta Thunberg calls IKEA meatballs Sweden’s ‘national pride’

Environmental student activist Greta Thunberg has caused widespread debate across the airwaves this week after her appearance on British broadcaster Greg James’ radio show ‘Unpopular Opinions.’ The young, world recognised campaigner called IKEA’s meatballs Sweden’s ‘national pride’ when asked about them by the show host on live radio. 

Greta pointed out however that she has a long history of vegan advocaism and said she doesn’t eat the meat versions herself. She does however recommend any plant based alternatives to Sweden’s famous meatballs hungry consumers can find! 

The broadcast went out on the UK’s BBC Radio 1 on the 19th April 2021. It featured on the talk show ‘Unpopular Opinions’, hosted by well-known British presenter Greg James. The show talks in depth with celebrities about opinions they may hold that others could consider “unpopular”. The show seeks to open up debate and tries to encourage listeners to see topical issues from multiple perspectives. 

The show doesn’t like to get too serious though! Other topics talked about between Greta and Greg included the question of whether or not dogs should have human names. Greta was firmly in the category of ‘they should not’, noting her own two dogs – a black labrador and a golden retriever – definitely did not. 

Greta became famous in 2018 when she stopped going to school to protest for climate justice. She went on to win TIME’s Person of the Year in 2019 for her ongoing work advocating for a stronger, more globally planned response to climate change. The school girl has gone on to make a name for herself, speaking at multiple climate conferences and conducting new protests such as her travel by ship across the Atlantic Ocean. 

Greta has made even more of a name for herself this year, as the continuing coronavirus crisis has meant many opportunities for zoom and digital media appearances. 

For those also stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, we recommend trying IKEA’s very own meatball recipe.

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