Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl shares his life in music with his memoir, “The Storyteller”

What started as a series of anecdotal posts for his Instagram page ended up turning into a 384-page book chronicling some of the most notable moments in the life and musical career of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

The ex-Nirvana drummer’s autobiographical publication entitled “The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music” will be released on the 5th of October via publisher Dey Street Books and is already available online for pre-order.

To help get the word out, Dave shared a minute-and-a-half video trailer of his first work as an author. “I’ve never really been one to collect stuff…but I do collect moments,” Dave explains. 

In the memoir, the iconic drummer remembers and shares memories from earlier in his life before music and recollects some memorable anecdotes in his journey into becoming one of the most inspiring names in rock n roll.

The idea came to him when he found himself having “nothing to do,” as a result of a gig-less covid lockdown period. “I’ve always been creatively restless,” Dave confesses in the book’s video trailer. He took advantage of this down time and started writing short stories on his Instagram page, “davestruestories”. That’s when he decided to just go for it and write “The Storyteller”.

In the trailer, Dave explains how his biggest challenge was narrowing down and choosing which stories he wanted to include in the book. From childhood and drum school memories; to going on tour with punk rock band Scream at 18 years old; to the rollercoaster era of his musical career as the drummer for Nirvana and, at its wake, starting his own rock n roll project, Foo Fighters, as band leader, songwriter and frontman. 

Also included in the memoir are highlights of his personal moments behind the music: being on the road with his bands, working and collaborating with other musicians, performing with some of his heroes and meeting people all over the world, while being a husband and also a father to his daughters.

Aside from the book, Dave’s creativity has also expanded into various film roles and documentaries. 

Some of his most recent projects include: “Play” – a half-hour long docu-style film composed of behind-the-scenes footage of the musician’s creative process, interviews with a some of his drum students, and concludes with a 23-minute long instrumental studio performance of Dave as a one-man-band playing 7 instruments layered together; and “What Drives Us” – a documentary which pays homage to the experience of going on the road on tours with bandmates crammed in a rock n roll van.

Along with the book’s release, Dave will also share with his fans some excerpts from its pages at his upcoming live performances, “DAVE GROHL – THE STORYTELLER – LIVE!” The series of five shows will be kicking off in London on the 27th of September and the rest will be in the US in October. Tickets to the shows (which have already sold out) include a copy of “The Storyteller” with each purchase and are limited to 2 per transaction.

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