74 year old Elton John to restart his Farewell Tour

Music legend Elton John will be restarting his farewell tour ‘Yellow Brick Road’ in September 2021. The tour will start in the UK and the star will perform 130 concerts over 16 countries until 2023. The aging star recently celebrated his 74th birthday, and has aptly named the tour his farewell as he readies himself to go into retirement. 

Elton John’s career has spanned decades and seen him most notably knighted by the Queen of England as Sir Elton Hercules John, CBE in 1998. The young boy born in Pinner, Middlesex, England, on March 25, 1947, was originally named Reginald Kenneth Dwight. Like many famous people who change their name, Elton John came as a result of a desire to acknowledge a different personality when performing and embrace the performative nature of the stage and show business. 

The young boy went on to become one of the most successful artists in recent history, with only The Beatles and Madonna exceeding him in popularity. Initially appearing in the charts in 1972, Elton had his first incredibly successful period from 1972-1975 with the release of seven number 1 albums. Elton was lucky enough to achieve a ressurange with his career in the 90s, with ‘Candle in the Wind’ being released in the late 90s as his popularity once again peaked. Throughout his career Elton has hit record numbers in his music sales, including nine number 1s and 27 top 10s as a solo act alone. 
The tour will see Elton visit the UK, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Canada, the USA, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Germany during its course. Whilst the tour initially began in 2018, it was unable to continue with its planned schedule due to the ongoing crisis of the coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic. As the pandemic situation begins to stabilize, Elton joins many of the other performers taking tentative steps back into the auditorium.

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